"Exhibiting Excellence"

New York City Museum School

The NYC Museum School provides a college-level education using the rich resources of New York City’s premier historic, artistic, scientific, and cultural institutions. Since 1994 we have been ranked among NYC’s top high schools.  

The vision that sustains the New York City Museum School is the belief that extensive use of experiential learning in the museums and cultural sites of the city afford our students a rigorous educational curriculum rooted in the fundamental excitement of learning.  Outside of the isolated classroom, when students experience the real things that exist in this world in the form of the primary resources available to them in this rich city, they have a much better chance of comprehending the value of history, language, science and mathematics in everyday life and throughout the history of civilization.










The Museum School has a rich offering of PSAL sports, in

combination with the NYC Lab School (Lab-Museum United). 

Our teams include basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis,

golf, volleyball, indoor track, and cross-country track.  We also

have many clubs for students to enjoy.  In past years, our club

offerings have included the student government, music club,

Hudson Sail (which provides a unique sailing and ship-building experience for 9th grade students), samba and drumming club, photography club, and chess club.

The NYC Museum School takes advantage of the wealth of resources housed in the museums of New York City.  The curriculum ensures that all students meet the Common

Core Learning Standards as well as current New York State

and New York City Learning Standards.  The NYC Museum

School provides every student with the academic foundation necessary to receive a New York State Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors.  Core courses include English, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Students take specialized courses in the school’s partner museums and in various other museums and cultural institutions around the city, culminating in unique final presentations. Our current partners are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, the Japan Society, and the Rubin Museum of Art.  Students also take Spanish, French, or Japanese, physical education, and art.





In 1993, a group of museum administrators collaborated with one of New York City’s progressive superintendents to answer a call for smaller, community-based schools that would better serve the needs of adolescents.  The founders, Sonnet Takahisa and Ron Chaluisan, proposed a secondary school in which students would use museum resources to meet city and state curricular mandates in all subject areas.  Convinced that the richness of the museum environment would stimulate curiosity and provide opportunities for engaged learning and the sharing of knowledge, they recruited staff, parents and students. In September 1994, with support from CSD 2 and the Fund for New York City Public Education to develop small schools and a grant from New Visions for Public Schools, the New York City Museum School opened as a fully accredited school. The school graduated its first high school class in June 2001.


The Museum School was created as a school that would accept children of diverse talents and abilities, from all income levels and ethnic groups, offering an education with the academic rigor of a traditional college preparatory school combined with the project-based approach of a progressive high school. The Museum Learning Process™ (MLP) emulates the critical thinking strategies of discovery modeled by the work of museum professionals. The time the Museum School students spend in our partner museums and the project-based work they do in these institutions and in their home-base classrooms make their academic experiences and our school unique.






The school continues its successful path, having received our 6th “A” in a row on the New York City Progress Report, and we have been steadily increasing our Advanced Placement course offerings to include AP Biology, AP US History, and AP English next year.  Our 9th grade students’ academic and extracurricular experiences have been enriched by our relationships with Hudson Sail, and we hope to expand that relationship to the upper grades in the years to come.

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